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My resume was mediocre before I inquired about a professional resume and now I am pleased with my new and improved resume. She is the resume guru. My resume has been viewed by 191 potential employers on LinkedIn since being revamped. originally my page on LinkedIn was not being viewed and my resume as I stated was not the best. If you want to have a exceptional resume you need your resume revamped by the resume guru.

Jasmine Lee

Happy Customer

I had been interested in applying for American Express travel job for a while. The first time I applied I didn’t get a positive response and wasn’t invited to interview. I expressed interest in AmEx in the work from home group and after you saw my post, you reached out to offer your services. I was a little skeptical because I didn’t see how it could help but I was willing to try anything so I could leave my current job. With your help reconstructing my resume, and the interview prep, I was more than ready. Nevertheless I was hired and I start in March. I’m so excited and happy. I have recommended others to you as well to let them know you are very good at what you do. 

Destiny Hairston

Happy Customer

Thank you for helping me reformat my resume. I had been looking for an HR Assistant job to help transition from being a teacher for a while and wasn't successful. I would get invited to interviews but I wasn't getting the job. But ever since I started using my new resume along with the interview prep, it really helped get the new job that I have now and I love, by the way. Thank you so much. Words cant explain how excited I am for your assistance. Keep up the good work!

La'Patsy Evans

Happy Customer

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